In anticipation of this year's Bourbon Women Night, we're excited to announce a few highlights. But first, save the date!  

Bourbon Women Night Binny's Lincoln Park Wednesday, April 8th 6:00 - 8:30pm

  DSC_0092 If you're not familiar, the Bourbon Women Association is a group focused on spirits education and building women leaders in the industry. Last year, we held our first Bourbon Women Night at our new Lincoln Park Tasting Room. This year's Bourbon Women Night will include tastings from North Shore Distillery, Rhine Hall, Four Roses, Jim Beam and many more.  

Bourbon Women Four Roses

  As an added bonus, Bourbon Women have selected a handpicked single barrel from Four Roses exclusively for this event. Pick up this special bottle at our 2nd annual Bourbon Women Night. Tickets are now available.   "We sampled eight of the ten Four Roses recipes and our selection was a no-brainer. OESK immediately stood out above the rest. We feel it truly encompasses all things Bourbon Women. This particular barrel is refreshing and abstract. On the nose, there are heavy tropical, honey and floral notes with a citrus undertone. The mouthfeel has an oily body and a creamy finish. The flavors are delicate and are super pleasurable to enjoy." - Bourbon Women  

Binny's Bourbon Women Night

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