Why does bourbon get a whole month? The US Senate declared September “Bourbon Heritage Month” back in 2007. The bill passed with unanimous consent, and calls for consumers who enjoy bourbon to celebrate the family heritage, tradition and longstanding legacy that the bourbon industry contributes to America and the world. Whether you enjoy this classic American spirit on the rocks, neat, or in your favorite cocktail, let us know how you’re celebrating. We plan to celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month this September with four of our favorite handpicked bourbons.  

Bourbon Heritage Month Binny's


Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon Binny's Handpicked

From the standard 101 proof bourbon to The 17-year-old Master’s Keep, Wild Turkey has something for everybody. With a long, rich history Wild Turkey is a great example of where the bourbon industry is at currently. This storied distillery recently built a brand new facility and expanded the visitor’s center several times over. When we think of Bourbon Heritage, Wild Turkey's master distiller Jimmy Russell certainly comes to mind. Jimmy joined Wild Turkey in 1954, under his watchful eye Wild Turkey has soared to great heights. Current Master Distiller and son of Jimmy, Eddie Russell, joined Wild Turkey in 1981. Lucky for you, we’ve recently received 3 barrels of Russell’s Reserve just in time for Bourbon Heritage month.  

Buffalo Trace Binny's Handpicked Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Buffalo Trace always come to mind during Bourbon Heritage Month. With an amazing selection of Bourbon and Rye, Buffalo Trace is one of the world’s best. From Blantonm's to Stagg to Pappy, Buffalo Trace distills some of the most sought after bourbon in the world. We recently selected 25 barrels of the classic, and had them bottled as a Binny’s special. For this batch, we worked with 8 year old samples from the middle floors of four different warehouses. The backbone comes from the 5th floor of warehouse I with whiskies distilled on three different days in April 2008. As always, we hone our palates with a sample of standard BT before creating a batch unique to Binny's, but paying honor to the whisky it represents. We crushed it this time.  

J. Henry and Sons Barrel Strength Bourbon Single Barrel #B88 Binny's Handpicked

Bourbon is America’s native spirit, and we’re glad to be featuring Bourbons from around the country. J. Henry & Sons, located in Dane, Wisconsin, are producing amazing bourbon. We were fortunate enough to get our hands a single barrel. This bourbon is unique because the ingredients are grown on site. The mash bill consists of corn, rye, wheat, and barley. The corn is a red corn heirloom variety used in no other bourbon. The unique ingredients, and time in the barrel, have produced a wonderfully rich and beautiful bourbon.  

Cody Road Cask Strength Bourbon Binny's Handpicked

For those of you that don’t know, MRDC is truly a grain to glass operation. Very few distilleries exist in this country that can lay claim to handling all aspects of the spirit making process. All of the grains used to create these spirits come from within 25 miles of the distillery. What does that mean? MRDC is able to select only the finest grains, and just as importantly, get them to the distillery quickly and freshly. “Grain to glass”, is also bringing terroir to light in the world of whiskey. The Midwest is known for its abundance of grain, and we couldn’t be more delighted to have it sitting in distilled form on our shelves. The Burchett brothers continue to impress us as they dial in the bourbon making process. We recently selected two barrels of bourbon. We should note, this is wheated bourbon. The majority of bourbon on the market today is made with rye as the flavoring grain. This mash bill consist of 70% corn, 20% wheat, and 10% malted barley.   Check out the Whiskey Hotline for updates on new whiskey, tastings, sales and more!