Only on Friday, November 23rd; only at the Lincoln Park Binny's Beverage Depot.   Here's the deal: Doors open at 9 am. Showing up gets you a piece of paper with a number on it. I'll be pulling numbers for special things from my cellar. Any time your number is pulled, you get the option to purchase whatever that particular item is. Then it goes back in the hat.   There is plenty of BCS 2012, so even if your number is never called, you'll still be able to grab some.   Stuff from the cellar: Bourbon County 2011 4pks Bourbon County Mini Cellar 4pks (2 bottles 2012, 1 bottle 2011, 1 bottle 2010) Bourbon County 2009 Bombers Night Stalker 2010 Night Stalker 2011 Bourbon County Vanilla 2010 Bourbon County Coffee 2010 King Henry Rare   The idea is that you DON'T have to wait in line in the cold if the weather is a jerk. Everyone will have an equal chance at the cellared stuff. Hopefully I'll have 2012 Coffee and Cherry Rye in time, but i'm not holding my breath.   Also: NO OPEN CONTAINERS IN THE PARKING LOT. SERIOUSLY. You're welcome to trade and such out there. Please do not bring product into the store.   Adam Vavrick is resident beer geek at Binny's Lincoln Park.