How do you celebrate the expansion of the area’s largest wine, spirits and beer superstore? By inviting an industry legend to host the festivities.  

Lincoln Park


Binny's Lincoln Park Tasting Room Ribbon Cutting & Toast with Jim Koch of Boston Brewing Company Tuesday, April 8 from 6-8:30pm An Open-House Event

  More details after the jump...   Jim Koch has personally shaped the craft beer industry, co-founding the Boston Beer Company, maker of Sam Adams, back in 1984. That's right, one of the founding fathers of the craft beer industry will be on site to cut the ribbon and toast the largest expansion in Binny's history.   It's been a long eight months of building, merging and supplying. We have fused what once was three different buildings in to the large megastore it has become. We now have 3,021 spirits, 6,151 wines, 2579 beers and 1000 cigars through out the 50,000 square feet. (Yeah, we counted.)   This new expansion includes the Lincoln Park Tasting Room, which is equipped with 16 craft beer taps and two Cruvinet wine dispensers, each featuring eight wines. With rare and limited craft beers, specialty spirits and fine wines, the selection is as diverse as Binny's itself.   We also put a depot inside a depot: The new Champagne Depot expansion will bring a newly expanded 1,250 square foot rare and collectible wine room, growing from the old 2,000 bottle cellar to a new 3,000 bottle cellar. It adds 5,000 square feet exclusively for Champagne and sparkling wine. The expansion brought cold storage for Bordeaux futures and rare and collectible backstock.   The end result is more than the sum of its parts. This location adds up to more than 50,000 square feet of beverage bliss. But don't take our word for it. Binny's Lincoln Park: Seeing is Beleiving  

Lincoln Park Pumping Station


Lincoln Park Champagne Depot


Lincoln Park Binny's Wine Cellar


Lincoln Park Tasting Room


Lincoln Park Tasting Room Binny's


Lincoln Park Tasting Room Binny's