Looking for an exotic beer that you cant find on the shelves? Look no further than Binnys in the South Loop. The sixteen constantly rotating craft beer taps makes Binny's in the South Loop one of the premier places to try beers rarely seen on draft. From lighter Pilsners like North Coast Scrimshaw Pils and Victory Prima Pils to yeasty Belgian Guezes like Boon Oude Mariage Parfait, there is no doubt something for everyone.   When we traveled to Binnys in the South Loop after the air and water show yesterday, we were pleased to see not only see a wide variety of beers on tap, but also extremely uncommon offerings, some of which are only offered on tap and not bottled. Fitting into the category of a tap only offering are Sierra Nevada Brown Saison, a very tasty and drinkable brew that we were surprised to learn is 7.85% ABV. Great Lakes Independence Ale is a hoppy amber ale, and is also a draft only offering from the Cleveland brewery.   Perhaps the rockstar of the 16 taps is a Belgian sour ale from Bockor. This beer epitomizes the hard work that the Binnys South Loop staff does to bring in atypical and extraordinary beers. For those who havent enjoyed a premier sour ale like Bockor on tap, which is probably many persons since sour ales are seldom found on tap, you are truly missing out. This beer is a rare gem and traveling to Binnys South Loop may be your only time to endeavor it.   Our group really enjoyed the fact that there was truly something for everyone. The hop- heads sipped Tyranena Scurvy and Port Wipeout IPA, while an adventuresome duo discussed the complexities of the Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA in their chalices. We were also intrigued to see Gorch Fock available on the ever present Three Floyds tap handle. We ordered two cheese trays and soon had various blue, cheddar, and French cheeses accompanied by picante salami, duck breast, almonds, and a fig jam to pair with our beers.   The time to leave came all too soon, as we left feeling as if we had just endured a party in our mouths. The joy of discovering an unbelievable new beer can almost be indescribable. If you are looking for a magnificent suds experience, come on down and visit Binnys South Loop.