You might remember the first Binny's Hand Picked Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve selections. That first batch sold through way faster than we all expected. Between a mix-up at the distributor and the whiskey being wildly more popular than we expected, it didn't last long. Now it's time for another batch.

   Brett, Joe Maloney and I tasted through the Knob Creek barrels recently and finalized our selections. We tasted from nine samples that showed a surprising range in quality, and chose our favorite four that really stood out head and shoulders above the rest. We won't waste your time with notes on those we didn't pick. 

   Here are my tasting notes for the barrels we want:


02A15 P 6 23 1 - Nice spice, caramel, and oak on the nose, with a hint of cocoa. Medium-full body with a nice vanilla presence up front and a spicy, dry finish. (133.9 proof)


02D18 J 6 23 1 - Very spicy nose (white pepper?) with some background honey and vanilla. Full body, rich sweet corn flavor. Short, mildly dry anise and pepper finish. (132.9 proof)


02A17 G 5 42 3 - Great nose, lots of honey and caramel. Thinner body, but full of sweet caramel and vanilla flavors. Short and sweet finish. (129.9)

02D18 J 6 14 3 - Nice vanilla and toffee nose. Rich and oily palate with lots of corn and toffee. Very nice, warm, sweet finish. Almost tastes like bananas foster with some water added. (130.2 proof)


   We know that the labelling info is a lot to break down - check out the Binny's Blog post on our last batch to see how to decode everything. 

   We're still waiting to hear back on the time frame for the arrival of these picks. Be sure to check back on the Binny's Blog and on The Whiskey Hotline for more details as they come. 

   Click on this pic for a bigger view: