Binny's is excited to announce the planned debut of ten nine breweries at our stores in the very near future—yes you heard us right – a whopping ten nine new breweries.   Gigantic-Brewing-CoGigantic (in select stores now) At a recent beer show, Gigantic Brewing had a gigantic line at their table, bigger than any of the other 30+ breweries at the event. Three different bomber bottles from the Portland, Oregon based brewery began hitting select Binny's today: Meddle Vienna Lager, The Royale Belgian Pale Ale, and Whole in the Head Imperial IPA. There isn't much of these to go around; stop into your local Binny's later this week for your best chance to score some.   Prairie (next week) Prairie is an Oklahoma based brewery. If we had to compare them to any other brewery in the world, it would probably be Stillwater. Prairie features funky saisons, lots of different & new releases, and limited availability on a lot of their stuff. Almost all of our stores will be featuring Prairie Standard in 6-packs, which is a hopped up saison with detailed picture instructions on the label about how to noodle a catfish. Some of our stores will be featuring large format bottles from Prairie.   speakeasySpeakeasy (next week) Speakeasy is a San Francisco brewery. Binny's will be featuring two year round six-packs from Speakeasy (Big Daddy IPA & Prohibition Ale) as well as Tallulah, which is a pale ale and Speakeasy's summer seasonal offering. Select Binny's stores will also be featuring some limited release large format bottles from Speakeasy.   Greenbush (next week) Greenbush is currently a tiny brewery with plans for a rapid & massive expansion. They are located less than an hour and a half from Chicago in Sawyer, Michigan. Off the bat Binny's will be featuring four different 6-packs: Anger Black IPA, Closure Pale Ale, Dunegras IPA, and Sunspot Hefeweizen. Brother Benjamin is a specialty release 4-pack that will also be available. This is an imperial IPA brewed with honey, which we found to be very similar to Bell's Hopslam.   Furthermore-StarFurthermore (next week) Futhermore beer from Spring Green, Wisconsin has just arrived at our distributor and we expect the following to hit many our stores by next week: Knot Stock (American Pale Ale), Proper (English-style Pale Ale), and Oscura. Oscura was the highlight of Furthermore's portfolio for us. It is a super drinkable coffee lager, which is a pretty unique style to say the least. A few other beers from Furthermore, including Fatty Boombalatty, are set to debut at a later date.   Ballast Point (May 8th) Join us on Wednesday, May 8th in our Binny's South Loop tasting room as we celebrate Ballast Point's arrival at Binny's. Several rarities will be on tap from the San Diego based brewery, as well as everyday favorites such as Sculpin, which is one of the highest rated IPA's in the world. A plethora of Ballast Point packaged goods will be available for the first time ever at every Binny's on May 8th.   PotosiPotosi (early May) Check out this recent post on the Binny's blog for all the information you need on Potosi.   Flesk (?) This small Lombard, IL based brewery reached out to us yesterday, and we couldn't be more excited to meet with them in the very near future. We expect them to be in our stores sooner rather than later.   Tallgrass (early June) In early June Tallgrass Brewing from the state of Kansas will be rolling into Binny's. Three different beers will be available, all in four-pack 16oz can formats: 8 Bit Pale Ale, Velvet Rooster Triple, and Ethos IPA.