This week's Binny's New Brew comes hand selected by Tom Bergman, our man in the beer aisle in Highland Park. Tom is stoked on the arrival of Two Brothers Brewing Co's newest year-round release in cans, SideKick Extra Pale Ale.   When did you get Sidekick?  A couple weeks ago. SideKick joins Outlaw IPA as a year-round canned release.   Why SideKick? There comes a point where every beer nerd needs a break from the boozy onslaught of barrel aged stouts and tongue-thrashing bitterness of imperial IPA's. Sometimes you just want to drink a beer (or three). SideKick is a subtle, sessionable option - it practically drinks itself!   How does it taste? It's crisp and delicate with a touch of sweet malt. There's a nice balance of citrus, melon, and strawberry, and it finishes with just enough bitterness to remind you you're drinking a pale ale.   Sounds delish! Now tell us about yourself - how long have you been with Binny's and what's your favorite part about working here? I've been at Binny's since September 2009. The highlight of my day is the smile on a return customer's face after I've introduced them to a new beer style. Oh, and someone brought me a can of Heady Topper the other day - that was pretty sweet.   How'd you get started working in the beer industry? I started out stocking my house's beer fridge in college and stumbled across BeerAdvocate while researching new brews. Pretty soon I was attending Extreme Beer Fests and hosting beer tastings. By the time I graduated, I knew it was what I wanted to do with my life, found a job at a bottle shop in Boston, and I haven't looked back since.   What's your go-to beer? Hard to say. Lately I've been rotating through Metropolitan Flywheel and Firestone Pale 31. So those, or whatever's on cask at Revolution.   Any special talents? Other than being a repository of random information? I suppose if you need a choice Zoidberg quote from Futurama, or a list of two-letter Scrabble words, I'm your man.   Favorite part about working in the beverage industry? I've met a lot of great people and they're always fun to hang out with, whether it's checking out a new cocktail bar or grilling and sharing a mini-keg of Schlenkerla Marzen.   Name a beer on your shelf that goes unnoticed? Courage Imperial Russian Stout. Despite the name, this is an English brew that was recently resurrected by Wells & Youngs after several years' hiatus. It's rich and complex, with flavors of roast coffee and dark fruit - a great nightcap.   What's your Twitter handle? @northshorebeer