If you couldn't already tell, we love to support local breweries. Just a couple years old and already one of our all time favorites, Spiteful Brewing has already made a huge impact in the Chicago beer scene. Customer service manager, Ben Morgan of Binny's in Lakeview is a big fan of their latest release. Plus, it's in cans.   Alleytimeimage_ben_blog_BNB What beer are you enjoying right now? Spiteful Alley Time Pale Ale in 6 pack cans* for the great price of ...! *More widely available in 22 oz bombers.   Why do you like it? Big juicy hop flavors, citrus, pine, and apricot. It has a great balance and is very pleasant for a big hitting pale ale.   On a scale from 1-5, how would you rate it? 4. It has great complexity that you only get with a handful of pale ales. It is also a great sessionable unlike other hoppy pale ales. It's amazing because it's a single hopped pale ale using only Simcoe hops. Most beer geeks know Simcoe to generally give off a faint onion or garlic aroma and flavor, but you get none of that in this beer.   Is there a particular food you'd pair it with? Thai, Indian, Mexican, a hearty stew or chili. Football watching food!   Yum, the best kind of food! What interests you the most in this industry? I'm passionate about beer, but I never go wrong with a South American wine, a Spanish wine or even a really good gin and tonic. Also, I enjoy connecting with others in the beer scene through social media.   More after the jump!   Hypothetical: At this moment, you can have any beer you'd like. What is it? Surly Hell. (Please come here Surly Hell!) It's such a wonderful beer.   How many beers do you drink in a week? On a good week, between 10 and 15. I like to consider it work research and development.   Important research, of course! What is your favorite brewery you've visited? I really loved visiting Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee a couple of years ago with the Binny's crew. Surly, in Minneapolis, is one of my all time favorite places to go. We make a pilgrimage out there once a year for their annual Darkness Day.   In your opinion, what is the most underrated beer on the shelves of Binny's?  I would say the Sinebrychoff Porter from Finland. It's quite possibly the best porter on the shelves and it gets hidden in the hustle and bustle of the import aisles. The bottles are recycled so they may look a little older, but don't be deterred. It's a brilliant porter!   Thanks Ben! We'd love to hear what Binny's New Brews you're trying. Share with us online!