We are proud to introduce one of our beer managers, Scott Lasky, who is doing more then working hard in our stores! Read below to see how Scott spends his time giving back to the canine community! Which brew are you recommending this week? Founders All Day IPA   Fantastic! When did you get it in? Last week.   What made you recommend this particular brew? After drinking many stouts, porters, barleywines, and Belgian strong ales during the winter, I look forward to lighter beers with lots of flavor during the warmer months. Founders All Day IPA is an excellent spring seasonal beer that is low in alcohol but has a bright, fresh hop aroma and flavor.   How does it taste? All Day is a light-bodied beer with just enough malt to carry the noticeable hop aroma, flavor and bitterness. The beer’s taste is dominated by grassy/piney hops with citrus and floral notes. It is a well-balanced, easy drinking and flavorful beer that you can enjoy throughout the upcoming season without overwhelming your taste-buds or senses. Sounds outstanding! How long have you been with Binny's and what's your favorite part about working here? I started working for Binny’s in September 2012. I like it when a customer comes back to buy a beer that I previously recommended, and then asks for more beer recommendations. When this happens I know that s/he is passionate about beer and wants to explore all of the flavors that beer has to offer.   How'd you get started working in the beer industry? Before I retired as a county probation officer, I decided that I wanted my next career to be in the beer industry. So about seven years ago I got a part-time job at a local liquor store as a beer buyer. Once I finally retired, I was ready to begin my new career working full-time for Binny’s.   Interesting background... What's your go-to beer? Tighthead Irie IPA.   Any other fun facts about yourself? When I first learned to homebrew, I was 39 years old and really didn’t drink beer very much. In fact, I enjoyed the process of making beer more than I liked drinking it. Over time I got to try a lot of different beers with my homebrew club, and I became very passionate about all-things-beer. My oldest friends never thought that I would be the guy to make a career out of beer, but now they are glad I did.   We hear you make dog biscuits... mind explaining how you got started with this? When my dog died last year, I brewed a beer as a tribute to him. When the beer was finished, I made dog biscuits from the spent grain so that my new dog and I could share in the tribute together. I then asked a friend who owns a brewery if I could use his spent grain to make more dog treats to raise money for Save-A-Pet in Grayslake. The dog treats are kept on his bar and have raised $800 in less than a year. 100% of what is collected goes to help rescued dogs and cats find new homes. The dog treats have become so popular that some people come into the brewery just for the treats without ordering any beer.   Wow- That sounds like such a fun project! How do you know they're canine approved? I have a one year old Cockapoo named “Ryno.” He is my dog biscuit quality assurance specialist. He likes his job and he’s good at it.   Cute! Where can we find these tasty treats? They are available at Tighthead in Mundelein!   For more information on Scott's dog treats, you can reach him at slasky@binnys.com.