Binny's New Brew: Revolution Galaxy Hero
blog_Galaxy Galaxy Hero from Revolution is the Binny's New Brew of the week, selected by Arlington Heights Beer Consultant, Matt Burger! Just receiving Galaxy Hero in a few weeks ago, it still is creating a buzz and has beer drinkers everywhere intrigued!   Why Galaxy Hero? It's only around temporarily and it's a great beer customers should try while they can.   Good point! How is it? It's a balanced IPA that I think most people would enjoy. It definitely has a strong citrus flavor from the hops, but the malt character helps it maintain its balance.   Sounds delicious! So how'd you get your start in the beer industry? I've been with Binny's for about four years, give or take. Long before working for Binny's, I used to go out of my way to stop at the Skokie store to find new and interesting beers. After getting a job with Binny's, it just seemed like an obvious move to join the beer department.   Of course, the beer department is arguably one of the best departments... or so we've heard. What's your go-to beer on a random night? I'll have to go with something that's conveniently on tap everywhere, Lagunitas Little Sumpin'.   Lagunitas is always on point! If you had to pick one favorite aspect of working in the beer industry, what would it be? The diversity, just when you think they can't come up with something new, they do.   Have more questions for Matt? Shoot him an email here: