This weeks Binny's New Brew is sure to please. The recommendation comes from Chris Aiken, beer manager at the South Loop Binny's.   When did you get Perennial Aria in? Last week.   Why are you recommending it? Perennial was one my favorite breweries to come into the market last year and with this as their flagship, I see them doing even better this year.   How does it taste? A nice fruity Belgian Pale Ale with hints of Pear and Apple. There is a very subtle note of funk near the end to help it finish dry.   Sounds pretty awesome. Okay, now your turn. How long have you been with Binny's? Three years. I came over with the Sam's buyout.   What's your favorite part about working for Binny's? I get to talk to people about beer all day. Plus I get to visit breweries. It's a rather nice gig.   Can't disagree with you there! Any fun facts about you? I started buying beer for a retail store the day after I turned 21. But of course I never drank before that as it was illegal.   Of course you didn't... Any special talents? I can drink copious amounts of Malort in a single sitting.   That is pretty impressive.. and a little disturbing. What makes you a beer geek? I like learning about the background history of the beers and brewery. There are some great stories out there from some of them. Plus it's just an exciting time in beer so it's easy to geek out about the flavor of the month beer.   Totally agree! What's currently stocked in your fridge? Anti-Hero and High Life. Anti hero is my go to and high life is for beer pong.   Ahh, everyone loves a good game of beer pong. Alright, last thing. Name a beer on your shelf that no one has ever heard of! Gouden Carolus van de Keizer Blau. People have heard of it but I feel it's one of the most overlooked beers on our shelf. It just gets overshadowed by Abt 12 and Rochefort 10.   You can keep up with Chris and his store updates via @Southloopbeer.