Binny's Beverage Depot would like congratulate Goose Island on a fantastic 25 years! We're celebrating by picking Goose's 25th Anniversary Ale as our Binny's New Brew. Adam Vavrick, Beer Manager at Lincoln Park gives us his insight on why the brew is something to celebrate.   vav_nick   What type of beer is it? Goose Island 25th Anniversary is an Extra Special Bitter based on an obscure pub recipe called Honker's Deluxe, which was basically double Honkers. The final recipe is a collaboration of three minds: Brett Porter, the current Brewmaster, Greg Hall, the former Brewmaster, and Nick Barron, the pub Brewmaster.     Why an ESB? It harkens back to the original roots of Goose Island, namely founder John Hall's trips to England where he fell in love with the those classic styles that inspired him to open Goose.   Where is it brewed? Right here in fact, there are two variations: the one brewed at Fulton available in six packs on our shelves and the batch Nick brewed at the pub, which is available on cask (!!!!!!) for the month of May.   What's it like? It's a lovely, stylistically accurate ESB. It pours a russet orange/amber with a fluffy bone white head. The nose is toasted grain and green, floral hops, with a hint of sweet orange peel. It has a medium body with an onrush of toasted white bread, which melds into a honey on biscotti kind of flavor, finishing quick with snappy, herbaceous hops.   What kind of food would you enjoy it with? This is just begging for a herb crusted pork loin with asparagus, but if you want to go traditional, shepherd's pie.   Drooling... thanks Adam! You can stop by Binny's in Lincoln Park on Saturday for a Chicago Craft Beer Week event with Goose Island. Current Brewmaster Brett Porter, Former Brewmaster Greg Hall and Pub Brewmaster Nick Barron will be on hand to talk everything Goose Island and sample some of Goose's award winning beers. We will sample two special beers as well, Bourbon County Baudonia & Sofie Paradisi.   Be sure to check out all of the Chicago Craft Beer Week festivities going throughout the week, including our very own.