Any Cider fans? Anthem Hops Cider is this weeks Binny's New Brew! Selected by Jerry Gomez, Binny's Cigar Consultant in sunny Skokie, Illinois chose this weeks new brew!  

image hops

  So Jerry, why this particular brew? I'm just now getting into ciders and this one happened to have hops in it, which I love.   What does it taste like? It has a sweet, cider taste, but the hops give it a dry champagne like taste.   What's your story with Binny's? I've worked for Binny's for six long years and the best part is learning about something new every day.   How'd you get started working in the cigar industry? Any experience in beer? I was a custom home painter for ten years before the housing market fell along with the job. I then started in cigars since I smoked them on the weekends and I knew all of the basics. Do I have beer experience? Only on how to enjoy it. :)   Good enough for us! What's your go-to beer on the weekends? Revolution Brewing's Anti Hero. Like I said, I love hops and I can always walk a few doors down to the pub and pick up a growler of the stuff.   Lucky you! All right, what's your favorite cigar to pair with a beer? Kristoff Maduro Robusto with any kind of dark stout.   Any special talents? Patience.   Haha, great talent! Favorite part about working in the cigar industry? Access to the latest cigar releases.   That definitely is a perk! What's one thing you'd want to tell/teach people about cigars? How to cut enough without cutting the cap off.   Maybe you can show us some time on the blog! Special thanks to Jerry for helping with this weeks Binny's New Brew!