Patrick Devitt, receiver at Binny's Elmwood Park, is super excited about the local beer scene, so it makes sense that he chose Revolution's A Little Crazy this week for his pick.   Why this particular brew? After a trip to the Revolution Brew Pub for a wedding and sampling so much of their beer, I have been hooked on their brews.   How would you describe the taste? A Little Crazy has a nice blend of flavors, mainly tangerine and citrus, but also works in a bit of a bitter taste of pine.   Mhmm! Sounds super refreshing! So what's your story with Binny's? I started with Binny's during the holidays in 2002 at the River Grove location. I've been with the company since then and have just started my role with Binny's at Elmwood Park. The best part about working at Binny's is the family type atmosphere that you have with your co-workers. You see your fellow Binny's employees so much that they are kind of become like family.   Aww! What sparked your interest with beer? I was always a big geography nerd as a kid, so with so many different beers from around the world that Binny's carries it was kind of a natural fit for me. You get to learn so much from the different countries offering beer and the history behind all of them.   What consumes your time outside of Binny's? I am a huge sports enthusiast. I know way too much useless information about sports. It drives my friends nuts!   Well then... we'll know who to call now when we make our bracket! Hypothetical situation: It's a Friday night and you're watching your favorite team... what's your go-to beer of choice? Either Two Brothers Domaine DuPage or Sierra Nevada Torpedo.   Why do you like the beer industry? You get to meet all sorts of different people who are passionate about beer. Its much easier to communicate when the person is just as interested in something as you are.   Have more questions for Patrick? Shoot him an email here: