Once again, we're offering you the chance to peek inside our mail. Let's open up the Binny's Mailbag: Binny's Mailbag
  Dear Binny's Mailbag - I just returned from Aruba where I purchased duty-free Scotch. Just to let you know, Binny’s prices for many scotches are below duty free prices, some quite a bit. - T
  Hi T!   We try to always keep the most competitive prices. We're glad to hear it shows. And we're not just a low price - we'd love to see them pack this kind of selection into a little shop in an airport!   Hope you had a great time in Aruba. Is it possible to not have a great time?   Well that was short. Maybe we have space for another mailbag question.  
Dear Binny's Mailbag - I was once served a Belgium blonde beer that had a peeing cupid on the label. There was a very interesting story involving the town and the Germans during WWII. Can you tell me the name of the beer and if you carry it? Thanks, S.P.
  First, that peeing cupid is Manneken Pis, a famous statue in Brussels. It's been there since the 17th century. And though he is no cupid, the statue depicts a urinating child complete with fountain stream.   Blanche de BruxellesThat means the beer you're looking for is Blanche de Bruxelles. This is a delicious and refreshing Belgian white beer from Brassrie Lefebvre, located just outside of Brussels. By the way, Lefebvre also makes a beer only available in non-U.S. markets called Manneken Pils, which is sort of clever and also sort of gross if you think about it too much.   The Manneken Pis has always been a symbol of Brussels's give-'em-hell attitude. Sort of like those bumper stickers of Calvin that are so often seen on the backs of pickups all across the great plains of our own country. So our best guess to the WWII connection would be in art from the era similar to this. We can't seem to find many more specifics, but if you remember any more, we're totally curious about it, and would love to hear the whole story!     Remember, you can email the Binny's Mailbag with your questions about winespirits and beer, and you can join the conversation on twitter and facebook too!