Who wouldn’t want to sneak a peek into Binny’s Mailbag? Here's your chance:   I gave the Binny's in Glen Ellyn a try after hearing so many positive things about the store. I was impressed with the selection of beers and was happy to see a 24 pack of Labatt Blue cans. I picked up a case and drank some of them over the next couple days noticing Labatt doesn't taste as good as I remembered. There was a promotion on the front of the case for Labatt rewards points with details inside the box.  I checked the print inside, and was shocked to see the promotion was for 2010-2011! Being that we are in the tail end of 2012, I couldn't believe the store is selling 2 year old beer!  I noticed there were a lot of staff in the store asking customers if they need assistance finding anything - which is great.  However, I think it would be wiser use of employee resources to have someone check the inventory every few years to check the coolers. I thought I would bring to your attention this very disturbing find. Regards,  Ted Lombard, IL   Hi Ted,   We checked this out right away, and we believe it isn't a case of old beer, but old packaging. We checked the inside of a package we have in stock, and it indeed lists a promotion that starts in 2010 and ends in 2011.   However, we also checked the code dates stamped on the packaging of flats and on the cans inside the flats we have in stock. It reads "G172." The first letter stands for the month. Since G is the 7th letter in the alphabet, this beer was canned in July. The second two numbers stand for the day of the month, so July 17th. Finally the last number stands for the year, 2 for 2012.  So the beer that we currently have in stock was canned on July 17th, 2012, which is well inside of its freshness window.   We hope this makes sense. Labatt should probably hire a new graphics/packaging guy.   As for Labatt Blue not tasting as good as you remember, that's probably subjective.   Cheers!