Let's open up the Binny's Mailbag once again.



I love wine but no longer can drink it due to giving me terrible heartburn. Someone suggested to try a Sulphite Free Wine. I can't seem to find it on your site. Do you carry any?

- T.


Hi T,

   We doubt that sulfite free wine would help you much. A big component of wine is acidity. Combine that with alcohol, and you have a recipe for heartburn.

   About sulfites: they are a naturally occurring preservative found in small quantities in wine. They are often added to wine to preserve freshness and color. They sound scary, but really only effect a small group of people who have a severe sulfite sensitivity related to asthma. If you are in this group, you probably already know.

   It's also interesting that preserved fruit foods such as dried fruits and juices often include more sulfites than wine. Check out this post on the Binny's Blog for more on sulfites. By the way, we have been collecting data on which wines are low in sulfites. Though this information isn't on binnys.com right now, we're working on a future version of the site that will inlcude this information.

   But back to the heartburn. You could try some lower alcohol or lower acid wines, and we would be happy to recommend some to your tastes, but addressing the heartburn issue itself might be the best approach. We had a similar issue, and after seeing a doctor we suffer less heartburn and enjoy food and wine more. We'd hate to see this issue get in the way of a great glass of wine.

   Thanks for the question!

   - Binny's Mailbag