We’re back with another question pulled from the Binny’s Mailbag.   Hi, my name is Grant. I was curious about certain types of wine Binny's has, more specifically wines you don't have but might be able to get. I just went to Argentina and they have very good wine, but it's difficult to get some like "Ciclos" brand and a few other  brand names. Is there a way for Binny's to order them somehow?   Hi Grant!   Sounds like you had a great trip! Argentina has so much to offer.   As for the wines you were able to try there, for Binny's to be able to order or carry a particular wine, it has to be imported into the U.S. and also carried by a licensed Illinois distributor.   If there are specific wines that you would like to get, please let us know the full name and we'll be happy to see if it is attainable. You mention Ciclos, which looks like a label from Argentina producer Michel Torino - a producer who we did carry years ago -  so there is a chance.   By the way, if you are thinking about a visit to Binny's this weekend, all our stores will be sampling staff-pick favorites from Argentina this Saturday, November 10th, from 1-4pm.  For free! Hope to see you there!   Thanks for the question, Binny's Mailbag