Binny's Mailbag   How would you like to peek behind the curtain here at Binny's Beverage Depot? We're opening up this new mailbag feature to offer an insider view at the kinds of questions we are asked every day. Hopefully we can offer some insight into how things run around here, and maybe shine some light on the workings of the industry in general.

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Let's open up the mailbag.


Scotch Question

   I am looking for a gift for my brother, for being the best man at my wedding. He likes both blends and single malts, but I think he leans blends. Usually drinks Dewars, Johnny Walker (black or blue), sometimes Glenfiddich or Glenlivet.  Any suggestions?  Probably looking to cap it around $250 for the bottle.

 - J


Hi J,

   First of all, you sound like a great brother and heck of a groom. Congrats on your nuptuals!

   For amazing and underrated blended Scotch, give the Black Bull 40 Year or 30 Year Old blends a try. The Black Bull blended Scotch whiskies are from respected independent Scotch bottler Duncan Taylor. Both of these bottles are amazing because they contain way more malted whisky than the typical blend, and less grain whisky. Some folks don't realize that blended Scotch includes a percentage of grain whisky - if the blend includes no grain whisky, it carries the label "vatted malt" or "blended malt" instead of "blended Scotch."

   Of course, with less grain whisky comes more malt whisky, which means The Black Bull blends offer more flavor and intensity.

   If this sounds good to you, give us a call at The Whiskey Hotline - 888 817-5898 so we can get some whisky headed your way.


 - Binny's Mailbag