Another great question from the Binny's Mailbag:


   As a big fan of pumpkin beers (and being that this is the season for them), the following article got me thinking: "Binny's should host a tasting event for people to try the various pumpkin beers (and ciders) out there!"
   The Ultimate Guide To Fall Pumpkin Beers (via Huff Post Food)

1.) Is there an event like that already planned?
2.) If not, would you consider arranging something along those lines?

- E


Hey E,

   Thanks for the question and thanks for the link to the article. We both love and carry a good number of those beers and the ones we don't are just anticipation.

   We actually did have a big tasting recently featuring about 30 fall beers at our Bolingbrook store, featuring mostly pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers.

   Believe it or not, many of the most popular fall beers, especially pumpkin beers, are already sold out or are nearly sold out at our stores. The next wave will be a small batch of wet-hopped beers (yum!) and then we're into winter styles (awesome).

   We always have tastings. Keep checking our events page. It's updated often, and there's always something cool going on.



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