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I am looking for the September release of the Marilyn Merlot wine. It is the 25th anniversary edition. Will you have this available at any of your stores?

- D.F.


Good news, D.F.!

   First: Yes, the 2009 Marilyn Merlot, the 25th Anniversary bottling, can be found at almost all Binny's locations right now. That isn't to say the stuff will last forever it is a collector's item, after all but it is widely available right now.

   Second: You might also want to check out the upcoming Marilyn Merlot & Thirsty Girl Open House tasting that we're hosting at our South Loop location on Friday, October 7th from 4:30-7:30pm. Stop by for the chance to taste the latest vintage of Marilyn Merlot. While you're there, meet the ladies of, an online community of women who share a passion for food, travel, libations and life.

You'll find more info on this event and many more on our Big Events page.


Binny's Mailbag


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