A timely question from the Binny's Mailbag:  
Does Binnys sell kegs of green beer for St. Patricks day? If so do I just contact my local store to order it? - K.
  It seems like we're getting this question a lot more often lately. Must be something in the air.   Green beer is dyed at the distributor. Some distributors color their beer, some don't. Since distributors cover areas around Chicagoland like patchwork, some Binny's stores can totally get you emerald suds while others can only hook you up with plain old yellow beer. Which still isn't bad, right? We're talking about beer, after all.   We can't really list on the Blog which Binny's stores can get green beer - you'll have to swing by your favorite Binny's to order your keg. We need keg orders at least a week in advance, and for green beer, orders must be prepaid. Because ... you know ... nobody wants a green beer on March 18th.   By the way, you can dye your own beer green - just add one drop of green food coloring to your beer glass. Do this to Guiness and the beer will stay black but the head will be an adorable green.   Now we just need a special color of beer for tonight's Leap Day festivities. We might be a little late on this one. Remind us again in four years.