Let's keep the Binny's Mailbag rolling. Here's a question that is asked more and more frequently, and we're glad to be able to answer it with a smile:  

Hi!  I talked with someone at your place who said there is a good gluten free beer that starts with a D and that you have trouble getting it in (and keeping it in I guess).  Ive been there twice to look for something like that and havent seen anything.

Do you know the name of the beer Im talking about I want to tell another friend with Celiac - and do you have that in stock now?

Thanks for the info.

- A.M.

  Hi A.M, and thanks for the question! We get it a lot, and we want to make sure that everyone can enjoy a good beer, so we offer a reasonable range of gluten free brews.    We're pretty sure the beer you are thinking of is Estrella Damm Daura. It's our best selling (and best tasting?) gluten free beer for a good reason. It's actually made with an essential beer ingredient: malted barley. Estrella has a proprietary process that removes the gluten proteins to below 6 ppm. To put that in perspective, the FDA and international standard for gluten free labeling in food is below 20 ppm. Similarly, Illinois natives Two Brothers are now re-labelling their Prairie Path Golden Ale as gluten free. Prairie Path is made with an enzyme that destroys the gluten during the brewing process. Recent lab testing showed that it contains gluten in quantities less than 5 ppm. Plus it's delicious bright hops keep it light and refreshing. Watch for their labels to change soon.    Most other gluten free beers are made with other grains that don't contain gluten in the first place, such as sorghum. An everyday favorite is Lakefront's New Grist, which is brewed with Sorghum and Rice. Binny's just recently picked up a new line of Gluten free craft beers called New Planet that are very tasty. Read about them on the Binny's Blog here. Or try other everyday selections like Bard's or Redbridge. For a special treat, you might want to check out the excellent gluten free craft offerings from Green's including their Amber, Dubbel and Tripel. And don't miss special bottlings like St. Peter's Sorgham and Hambleton's Toleration. Both are sorghum beers that are available at some Binny's stores. By the way, don't forget that there are lots of gluten free options in the cider category. While most are gluten free, some cideries add wheat proteins as a clarifying agent, so be sure to check the label before buying.