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   I am looking to get my boyfriend a package of an assortment of his favorite whiskeys for Christmas. I have a few in mind (Jack Single BarrelGentleman JackBookersGeorge Dickle No 8 or No 12 -- just to name a few) but was curious what are the size bottles you sell, since I'm getting a few i was wondering if you have smaller size bottles than the normal ones?

   Also, do you have any suggestions as another good one based on the list I gave above that he hasn't had as a new one to offer him?


- J.B.


Hi J.B.,

   We carry the whiskies you list in just the 750mL (fifth) size, plus 1.75L in the case of Gentleman Jack.

   Since he likes these sweeter, fuller-bodies Tennessee whiskies, we would also recommend that he try some sweeter bourbons. Eagle Rare, a 10 year old single barrel, is a fantastic value and has a really rich vanilla and caramel flavor to it. Buffalo Trace would be a good one as well. It tends to be a little sweet, with a lot of oak and caramel in the profile. Both of these are available in 375 mL (pint) bottles at most Binny's.

   A "wheated" bourbon would also be a good pick, these tend to be fatter on the palate, and a bit buttery in taste. Old Fitzgerald and Weller would be my recommendations for those.

   All these are less than $30 for the standard bottles, and less for the pints. 

   Sounds like he's going to have an awesome Christmas! Thanks for thinking Binny's,

- Binny's Mailbag