Binny's MailbagWe're back with the Binny's Mailbag. Go ahead and take a peek:     Hi, Do you guys sell any non-alcoholic wines? And are they any good? Thanks. - James     Hello James!   We certainly do! And yeah, they're all right. This time of year, it never hurts to have an extra bottle or two of sparkling juice or N/A wine to make sure nobody misses out on the holiday festivities.   If you're looking for wine for fans of wine, the best we've had are from Ariel. They offer the most "wine-like" experience. FRE by Sutter Home is also good in a lighter, fruitier style. Both start as fermented wine and then have their alcohol removed, as opposed to an unfermented grape product trying to taste like wine.   Of course, we have you covered when it comes to non-alcoholic beer, too.   And don't forget about the kids. We always recommended sparkling juices and ciders to stand in for alcoholic bubbly. Make that special toast fun for everyone!   Thanks for the question! - Binny's Mailbag