Perry Farrell paid a visit to the South Loop Tasting Room at Binny's. You may know him as founder and frontman of Jane's Addiction, creator of the trendsetting festival Lollapalooza, or even as his new role, ambassador to premium tequila brand Maestro Dobel Tequila. It couldn't of been more perfect timing with Lolla weekend upon us!   blog2

  While talking to excited fans in the tasting room, Farrell mentioned he was scouted as a model while doing his day job and that eventually launched his entertainment career. Any guesses as to what his day job was? We won't keep you guessing, he worked in liquor distribution. Funny how sometimes your life can come full circle, huh?   “When you’re going to tell your friends about a product, you gotta have belief in it,” said Perry Farrell. “I like drinking Maestro Dobel – It gets me set for creative designery. I savor it at the start and end of every show.” [via]   Looking to spot Farrell this weekend? He dropped a hint. 3pm and Shaun White are your clues. Happy Lollapalooza Weekend! And don't forget to check out pics from Farrell's visit on the Binny's facebook page!