Here are a few more pictures from our brand new Binny's Beverage Depot in Champaign, Illinois. If these don't get you fired up ... well ... then you might not be much of a fan of beverage superstores after all. Without fail, the number one most frequently asked question about the new Binny's is, "When will it open?" We can now say without any uncertainty this: the new Binny's in Champaign will open tomorrow.

Friday February 17th, at 9:00 am 802 W. Town Center Blvd

   Yes, there will be special prices on tons of items all across the store just to celebrate the opening. See you there! The Newest Binny's Beverage Depot More pics after the jump...

Across the Store

Beer Wall

More Beer Wall

Bordeaux in a Wine Aisle

Fine Wine Cellar

Big Sprits Displays and the Beer Cooler

Humidor, Outside the

Humidor, Inside the

Come on in!