You already know that Binny's Beverage Depot is coming to Bloomington, Illinois. Here's a bunch of cool new construction pics. As you can see, we're busy smashing, cutting, framing, building a new Binny's from a space made of three previous establishments. You can't make out much in these images other than a better feel for the overall space. They're just neat pictures.  

Again: 1409 N. Veterans Parkway in Bloomington, Illinois. Opening in early fall.

  As we plan this store, we know that we need the best, friendliest and most knowledgeable staff to live up to the Binny's experience. We have posted wine consultant job openings on This listing is for wine consultants, but we need a full team to run this great new location: customer service managers, spirits and beer specialists, and pretty much anybody with enthusiasm and a smile. Email if you are interested.   When we opened in Champaign, we received hundreds of applications and had to sort through them all to find the great staff we have today. We're expecting another huge reaction with the new store in Bloomington.   By the way, we also posted wine consultant positions for the Binny's in Algonquin and across the city of Chicago.