Binny's in Bloomingdale Store Sign

Employees from Binny's Beverage Depots from all over Chicagoland came together to stock shelves at the upcoming Bloomingdale location today. Distributor trucks have been delivering wine, spirits, beer and cigar favorites, and it takes work to get everything onto shelves and ready to go.

The new Bloomingdale Binny's Beverage Depot

How is the new store coming along? This morning, most of the shelves, gondolas and bins were set up and ready for stock. Now it's up to the workers to get everything into shoppable shelf sets and impressive displays. More stock is rolling in all week. It's going to be huge. Then there's staff training and signage and all the tiny details that make everything work. Expect the new store to open in early September. Very early September. That's just a couple weeks away. For more details about the new store, check out this blog post. Otherwise, we hope to see you in Bloomingdale in September.

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Stocking the Humidor

Plenty of Floorspace and Empty Shelves

Lots of Shelves to Fill

Pallets of Vodka

Cases and Cases of Wine