Oppidan is located in Wheeling, Illinois, just outside of Chicago. They are incorporating a Solera technique with bourbon, and also producing a beautiful rye. At the Whiskey Hotline, we love young rye done right. We’ve also been finding whiskey from smaller barrels that taste much older than you would think. We were fortunate enough to sit down with the team from Oppidan a few months ago and selected 3 gorgeous ryes and 2 bourbons. These are all bottled at cask strength, and well worth seeking out.  

Oppidan Binny's Handpicks


Oppidan Rye Batch #22 Cask Strength Single Barrel #140 Binny's Handpicked

This Rye was aged for 11 months and 14 days in a 15 gallon barrel with a level 3 char and is bottled at a generous 61.6% abv. The nose on this rye is surprisingly delicate considering the alcohol percentage. Classic wintergreen flavors are on the nose, but a red rope licorice note is leading the way with dark red fruit and spice following. Flavors from the nose continue on the taste with the red rope and dark fruit out front. Clove and red rope licorice hang around for a while with cocoa powder arriving late on the finish. With a drop of water, the nose transitions to a sweeter rye with vanilla, toffee, and clove up front. Sticky red fruit and brown sugars are bigger and rounder with water. Finish is a touch spicier with red rope sneaking back in with the cocoa powder returning. The finish goes on for days.  

Oppidan Rye Batch #19 Cask Strength Single Barrel #47 Binny's Handpicked

This Rye was aged for 1 year 9 months and 11 days in a 30 gallon Black Swan honeycomb barrel with a char level of 3 and bottled at 62.38% abv. The nose is a touch hot initially with the alcohol but after that burns off, a gigantic dose of cocoa powder jumps up front with a hint of sticky red rope licorice bubbling underneath. Soft herbal wintergreen and clove follow. Dark cocoa powder comes through on the taste along with red rope and dark stewed fruits. Clove and cinnamon for good keep the sticky fruit in check. With a drop of water, the nose moves more towards dark fruit and spice with cocoa moving back a touch. The mouthfeel really opens up with water as the fruit grows with chocolate now instead of cocoa. Anise leads the way on the finish along with dark chocolate.  

Oppidan Rye Batch #21 Cask Strength Single Barrel #96 Binny's Handpicked

This Rye was aged for 1 year 5 months and 2 days in a 15 gallon barrel at char 3 and bottled at 62.83% abv. The nose on this is quite balanced with a mix of clove, wintergreen, cocoa powder, and red rope licorice. Pleasantly fat palate with a buttered brown sugar flavor mixing nicely with soft herbal wintergreen. Finish is warm and long with dark fruit and clove lingering. With a drop of water, some char becomes noticeable along with a deeper, richer vanilla and toffee element. Beautiful on the taste with a drop of water with wintergreen, clove, big vanilla and toffee in abundance. Long finish with anise spiked red fruits lingering.  

Oppidan Bourbon Batch #12 Cask Strength Single Barrel #121 Binny's Handpicked

This Bourbon was aged for 1 year 1 month and 21 days in a 15 gallon barrel at level 3 char. Bottled at 63.15% abv. This bourbon is made from five grains: corn, malted rye, chocolate malted rye, special B, and 2-row barley. The nose has a nice roasted corn flavor with chocolate and vanilla soaked fruits in the background. A touch of clove and cinnamon are on the nose as well. Red fruits and toasted corn with dark chocolate, clove and vanilla on the palate. What a lovely bourbon. The finish is long with a dark chocolate covered red cherry flavor persisting. With a touch of water, the nose moves towards dark red fruit and brown sugars. Big and fat with water on the taste with chocolate leading the way and soft anise lingering on the finish.  

Oppidan Bourbon Oloroso Solera Cask Strength Single Barrel #153 Binny's Handpicked

This Bourbon was bottled from a Solera batch. The bourbon is a combination of 1 year old bourbon from 15 gallon new American oak barrels that was transferred into a French oak barrel for 2 years, and then finally married in a 40 year old Oloroso sherry cask for 3 months. The nose on this bourbon is amazing. Big bourbon flavors married perfectly with dark, chewy fruits and French oak spice. Soft sultanas, vanilla, toffee, dark chocolate, and cinnamon spice layer nicely. Big, fat, chewy stewed fruits on the taste with dark chocolate, clove, and anise. Solid dark chocolate finish with sultanas and spice. With a drop of water the fruits and sherry notes become more pronounced on the nose. Bigger fruit continues onto the taste and finish as well. A truly unique bourbon experience.   Check out the Whiskey Hotline for updates on new whiskey, tastings, sales and more!