One of our Whiskey Hotline's favorite distillery is Mississippi River Distilling Company. After six years on the scene, they're producing some amazing brown spirits. Few distilleries handle all aspects of their process as intimately as MRDC, whose grain to glass philosophy includes using only local grain grown within 25 miles of the distillery, giving them first pick on the finest and freshest grain. We recently hit the road to Iowa to grab three new Binny's Handpicked Selections from MRDC: two barrels of Cody Road Bourbon and one of Cody Road Rye.  

Mississippi River Distilling Company Binny's Handpicks


Cody Road Cask Strength Bourbon Binny's Handpicked Barrel #14-0046

The first thing about this bourbon is the vibrancy on the nose. Expressive with big bold butterscotch, soft fruit, clove, and an enticing brown sugar vanilla combo. On the palate we’re hit with bold spice, more clove, anise, and sweet rich vanilla. The finish is layered and interesting. A spicy black pepper jumps out at first, followed by a long warm transition to fruit and lingering brown sugar and vanilla.  

Cody Road Cask Strength Bourbon Binny's Handpicked Barrel #12-0185

This handpicked bourbon from Cody Road has an interesting nose. Layers and layers of flavors to sift through. Strong notes of spiced Christmas cake, orange zest, clove, vanilla, toffee, and butterscotch. The dynamic palate has nice viscosity and weight, with a spicy punch in the middle. The lenghty finish is filled with dose of dark cherry anise to round things out.  

Cody Road Cask Strength Rye Binny's Handpicked Barrel #13-0081

This rye is bottled at 94 proof and matured in a 30 gallon barrel. Made from 100% rye, Cody Road Rye is spicy and pleasantly sweet. Thanks to clean distillation and an emphasis on the sweet character of the spirit, this barrel of Rye jumps with citrus and fruit. Some classic Rye wintergreen spice can be found, but not nearly as spicy as you would expect from a 3 year old rye. This grain to glass operation really separates itself from the rest of the pack within the flavor found in the whiskey. Back to terroir here, we taste a sweetness in this rye that simply does not show up in others that we’ve had. Quite unique and a must try with its fruit heavy rye spice character.   Check out the Whiskey Hotline for updates on new whiskey, tastings, sales and more!