Binny's is proud to be the first retailer to participate in Clyde May's single barrel journey. That's right - get it here first. Clyde May's is known for their Alabama style whiskey, a unique process in which they gently fold essential oils from granny smith apples into their finished high-rye bourbons, adding apple and cinnamon flavors. Their mash bill contains 55% corn, 30% rye and 15% barley. Scroll down to learn about the three we picked. We can't promise you won't salivate...  

Clyde May's Bourbon Binny's

  Single Barrel #16 This is how we imagine fall would taste if it were bourbon. Fat candied cherries and bright spice flavors fill your glass. There's even a hint of citrus zest. Not a ton, but enough to get your attention.   Single Barrel #18 This barrel stands out right away. Vanilla, herbal and light leather flavors blend well in this single barrel. We're confident we just found your new whiskey sipper.   Single Barrel #20 If your favorite coffee shop created a bourbon, this would be it. It's a flavor mix of vanilla meets chocolate meets apple cinnamon. This barrel embodies all of the characteristics of a caramel apple - and we can't get enough.   These single barrels are in the process of being emptied, bottled, labeled and packaged. Look for this first round of delicious Clyde May's handpicks in early October.

Brett Pontoni Clyde May's Bourbon Binny's

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