The Whiskey Hotline hit the road this year. We’ve been all over the country and all over the world in search of casks of the finest spirits around. When we find the best of the best, we claim them as our own and call them Binny’s Handpicked Casks. Watch for these selections over the next few months:  

Binny's Handpicked Casks

  Signatory VintageSignatory Brett’s annual late spring trip to Scotland yielded some excellent single cask single malts. Several values and a couple of hidden gems from the independent bottler’s extensive archives are in bottle, and word is they’ll be on the water soon.   1792 Ridgemont1792 Ridgemont Reserve Sifting through a collection of samples, we found five barrels we especially loved. Never content to just let things be, we started playing with them, and guess what we made….   Rhine Hall DistilleryRhine Hall Sometimes hitting the road means going just down the road – to Chicago’s Rhine Hall, for example. We picked three barrels of apple brandy. The variety of toast and age yielded three drastically different bottlings, all bottled at higher proof than Rhine Hall’s usual bottles.   FEW SpiritsFew Spirits ...Or hitting the road could mean visiting sunny Evanston, Illinois, to dig through Few’s super secret barrel warehouse. Watch for Binny’s Handpicked vattings of Few’s top-notch bourbon and rye, plus maybe a single barrel rye. You know who to ask.   Whistle PigWhistlePig We’re excited to continue the Handpicked WhistlePig tradition with two more excellent additions to the series. But the highlight here might be two new custom WhistlePig blends, starting with their Old World components as a foundation, and maybe a special fourth ingredient we can neither confirm nor deny…   Buffalo Trace Buffalo Trace Over the summer, we hit the road to Kentucky, and stop number one was Buffalo Trace. We’re stocking up on five single barrels of Old Weller 107, plus a vatting of Weller Special Reserve. Plus several barrels of Blanton’s. Here’s the cool part: this round puts total Binny’s Handpicked purchases from Buffalo Trace over 400 barrels. Thank you, Mark, Kris, Elmer, Ronnie, Beau and Harlan!   Four RosesFour Roses Next up, Four Roses. Due to production restrictions at the distillery driven by your thirst, we buy all the Four Roses single barrels we can get. In this case, it means at least five new barrels over the next few months, with more on the way.   Angel's EnvyAngel’s Envy We couldn’t help but visit the old Angel’s Envy warehouse and facility – and we’re looking forward to seeing the new space when construction is complete! The fruit of visit is two more custom Binny’s blends, bottled asSt. Someobdy and St. Somebody Else, pending labelling approval and canonization. Always a treat.   Copper and Kings BrandyCopper & Kings That’s right, brandy from the heart of bourbon country in Louisville, Kentucky. Copper & Kings is churning out brandy for whiskey lovers, and there’s no better place to start than the Binny’s Handpicked cask, arriving soon. We’re dialing it up by having it bottled at a vivid 120 proof. Be sure to keep an eye on the Whiskey Hotline as these Binny’s Handpicked Casks roll in over the next few weeks and months!   Check out the Whiskey Hotline for more information on product release, events and inudstry news!