Arriving today exclusively at Binny's are Thatcher's Organic Liqueurs, a line of distinctly flavored USDA Certified Organic liqueurs. The ingredients for Thatcher's Liqueurs are certified organic and sustainably farmed. The liqueurs are bottled in recycled materials. Founder Dave Racicot spent over a year searching for all the right all natural ingredients, combining flavors and testing recipes, and working with the USDA to ensure an excellent organic liqueur.  

Thatcher's Organic Liqueurs

  Organic, all natural, and sustainable are all fine, but what matters is the flavor.  As it turns out, they're pretty good.   The Blueberry Liqueur, for example,pours a light, hazy pink. The nose offers light fresh berry and Red Vines candy. On the palate the flavor almost explodes with lots of blueberry and under that a tiny bit of mint. While a little too sweet and flavorful on its own for me, the blueberry is ideal for mixing. It's especially good in sparkling water with a little citrus vodka for alight, fresh drink without the overbearingly syrupy sweetness of alot of the liqueur on the shelves today. The Elderflower Liqueur isa pale translucent yellow. It has a floral nose of pollen and garden scents. The palate reflects this light, sweet, freshly herbal quality. While the Blueberry is more prominent on the palate, the Elderflower's best feature is the aromatics. I enjoyed a splash in agood bourbon on the rocks I used Evan Williams Single Barrel it really opens up the aromatics and softens the whiskey for a classic cocktail.   Thatcher's Liqueurs come across as lightly sweet. Dave explained that the sweetness comes from thefruit and herbs naturally, and when needed, organic evaporated cane juice is used for balance. The alcohol is balanced at 30 proof to maintain the freshest possible flavor, and while no preservatives are used, he says that Thatcher's keeps its flavor for up to 18 months.   It struck me that besides mixing in drinks, Thatcher's will shine as a flavoring in cooking. I asked Dave about this. I love the idea of cooking with Thatcher's, he says. I have had some friends in SF use the DarkChocolate in desserts, Tres Chiles was added to some Mexican dishesas a pepper heat marinade.   Personally, I'd like to try the Tres Chiles in a dark chocolate dessert.   Binny's is excited about releasing the new line of Thatcher's Organic Artisan Liqueurs. Checkout the complete list of flavors available exclusively at Binny's here.  Keep an eye out for new expressions soon depending on the availability of organic produce, of course.