Several groups of Binny's employees recently visited the Goose Island brewery at Fulton & Wood. It wasn't all flashbulbs and tasting – along with a brewery tour, we were expected to work in the brewery. We blended beer samples, cleaned wood barrels, added raspberries to this year's Lolita, and at least one of us got to clean out a bunch of buckets with a big hose. Binny's Orland Park Assistant Manager Sam LaMantia shares his experience:  

  You hear so much about Goose Island, about Bourbon County Stout and their other highly regarded beers. BUT then to see how they are made, what it actually takes to put even one beer out, from brewing, aging, blending, bottling and on and on, it makes you appreciate the whole thing a bit more. I don't think I can look at another bottle of beer in the same way again.   Besides being a learning experience, it was amazing to see the dedication in the employees of Goose Island. They seem to really care about the end result, not just making beer and making money. I came away with a sense of dedication to making a superior product. This was put above everything else. Above profit, above getting it out on time, everything.   Plus, the visit brought out the best in our employees. It was everyone's first time at Goose, and it was an awesome experience. We all listened intently as things were explained, even chiming in now and then with a bit of info, and asking questions to gain better knowledge. It really will help down the line when talking with customers, as it not only increases our product knowledge, but it's also a great story to tell.  

  Photos by Sam LaMantia and Greg Versch