Seven monasteries, including 6 in Belgium and 1 in the Netherlands, produce beer crafted from the hands of Trappist monks. Binny's is fortunate to carry 6 of the breweries: Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle, Achel, and Koningshoeven. 18 different breweries are branded, or rather lines of beer, are branded with the logo that includes the phrase "Certified Belgian Abbey Beer." This can mean a few things. Perhaps the beer is brewed by a non-Trappist monastery, or the beer was once brewed at a monastery but now brewed by a commercial brewer with some of the profit going back to the monastery. Whatever the reason, we know one thing for sure: Certified Abbey Ales are delicious. Some favorites include Affligem, Leffe, and St. Feuillien. Stay tuned to the Binny's blog as more Belgian beers will be going on sale in the coming weeks.   Click here or on the picture above for a full list of the beers included in the sale.