Big Sky Brewing Company out of Missoula, Montana is making a name for itself. Several weeks ago their delicious imperial stout Ivan the Terrible hit the market, in addition to Smoove Cherry Ale. Ivan was extremely limited and is all but gone, while Smoove Cherry is still available at many locations. This week, two additional Big Sky beers are making a splash in Chicago. 200 cases of Bobos Robust Porter are up for grabs, while 30 cases of Buckin Monk Tripel are available exclusively at Binnys. We had the opportunity to try the latter two beers, and would like to share our tasting experience with you.


The 750ml green colored, cork and caged bottle of Buckin Monk we had in front of us was labeled #851 out of 3,000. Buckin Monk is brewed using 8 different strains of Belgian yeast, as well as three different types of grains (wheat, barley, and oats). It is also temperature controlled bottle conditioned. We poured the tripel into our New Belgium chalices and immediately lamented on the excessive head, which eventually dwindled to a residing half inch. The aroma of the beer was sugary sweet, with a bit of yeast in the background. The flavor of this brew was quite complex. We picked up on a grainy taste, as well as yeast, some tropical fruit, and of course a sweetness from the seemingly vast amounts of sugar used. The beer had a respectable amount of carbonation. It was very drinkable for a 10% ABV brew, and the only booziness we detected was when the beer warmed up significantly.


Bobos Robust Porter, available in 6-packs, was on deck for us. The nose of this brew was of intense coffee as well as roasted and burnt malts. The aroma was truly one to remember, it was reminiscent of other wonderful front loaded coffee beers such as Founders Breakfast Stout.  Bobos didnt have much head, only about a centimeter of the creamy tan colored variety. The first thing to hit your palate is the vigorous amount of black coffee. Dark chocolate is in abundance, as well as an intense roasted malt flavor. Bobos is loaded with hops, resulting in one of the hoppier porters we have experienced to date. This brew was drinkable yet hearty, and none of the 6.2% ABV was detectable.


Big Sky continues to expand their portfolio by offering innovative and delicious beers. On top of that, they also are one of a small but growing number of craft breweries who can their beer. Moose Drool Brown Ale and Trout Slayer Ale are offered in six pack cans, as well as bottles. Some of us also heard through the grapevine that Big Sky may be barrel aging some Moose Drool. Buckin Monk and Bobos are two of our favorite Big Sky beers to date. Do you have a preferred brew from Big Sky?