Opposites attract, right? We made that happen when we mixed beer and vodka in this Berry Beer Cooler Cocktail. Be ready to share, because this cocktail recipe is best enjoyed with many. Careful though, it will sneak up on you like a bad blind date on Valentine's Day. Recipe after the jump.  

Raspberry Beer Cocktail


Berry Beer Cooler


1 cup of Raspberries 4 cans of Surly Hell 4 oz of your favorite vodka 10 oz Lemonade Raspberries for garnish   Simple Steps: Stir the raspberries, lemonade and vodka together. Serve over ice and stir in the beer. Garnish the heck out of it with raspberries. This mismatched cocktail is only drinkable out of a mason jar. It's a fact. Serves 4-5.
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