Many American Breweries use ideas and styles that have been practiced in Belgium for centuries. One Belgian brewery, De Ranke, is returning the favor and taking a page out of American Brewers books. De Ranke has released Belgiums first ever wet hopped ale. The name of the brew is Hop Flower Power, and it was crafted to commemorate the fifteenth anniversary of Brewery De Ranke. While many would consider Hop Flower Power a Belgian IPA, it seems as if the brewers and importers of Hop Flower Power are adamant in referring to this brew as a saison.


How Flower Power has an immensely foamy head that leaves beautiful lacing as the beer nears the bottom of the glass. The nose of this brew is dominated by Belgian yeast, with some subdued hop aromas in the background. Upon first sip, loads of floral hops proceeded to dominate the palate. Small amounts of spices and Belgian yeast take a back seat to the hops. A semi bitter finish is pleasing and not overpowering. Hop Flower Power is moderately carbonated, perhaps a bit less than many modern saisons. It clocks in at 6% ABV, is refreshing, appetizing, and very drinkable.


Only 1,200 750ml bottles of Hop Flower power were made. Therefore, not all Binnys will be receiving this delicious beer. If you want to know if your local Binnys has it in stock, please email Will you be experiencing Belgiums first ever wet hopped ale?