Beers for the World Cup


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  Goal! However you say it, say it at the top of your voice with a cold brew in your hand. Whether you're taking this opportunity to try some new worldly beers, add some theme to your soccer party, or just impress other soccer fans, we have you covered. Here are a few of our favorite beers from around the world to fill your cup! Beers after the jump...     Quilmes BeerArgentina Recommending Quilmes for Argentina only makes sense - they are the main sponsor for the Argentinian football team. Not only is Quilmes something of a national symbol in Argentina, the brand holds 75% of the beer market in the country. For a cream ale, that's a major accomplishment.   Australia Everybody knows Fosters, but did you know it dates back to 1887 and is the largest selling Australian beer in the world? Makes sense, it has become a staple for many and hopefully it stays that way. Australia was labeled with a 0% chance of winning the Cup. Yeah, zero. If they have to drown their sorrows in something, might as well be this winner.   ChimayBelgium Chimay is a staple for Belgians to enjoy while watching the games. But when it comes to our favorites, we have to go with lambic style ales for our Belgian pick. Hanssens Oude Gueuze and Oud Beersel Gueuze are two beers we could enjoy all month long during the World Cup festivities.   Brazil This Pilsner from Palma Louca is light in flavor, but is great for a warm afternoon of watching the World Cup or kicking a ball around. Brazil stands a strong chance of winning the World Cup. If only their beer matched the hype of the team...   Costa Rica Imperial is one of the most popular brews served in Costa Rica alongside Pilsen and Rock Ice. This brew dates back to 1924, when it was brewed by Cerveceria Ortega, combining German beer tradition with Costa Rica's tastes. Today, you can get it all over the world.   KarlovackoCroatia Another long standing brewery, Karlovacko has made a mark alongside other big brews like Heineken and Amstel in Croatia. They also have some interesting commercials you can watch if you have 15 minutes to kill. And if you are fluent in Croatian.   Germany Krombacher is a favorite of many. Literally, it's the number one selling beer brand in Germany. That's number one in a saturated market - with over 1,300 breweries in Germany pumping out stylistically similar lagers... this one stands out.   Greece Greece? Beer? Yeah, we know. It hasn't really become a booming industry as in some other countries. The Greek drink an insane amount of imported brews, including Amstel and Heineken. One beer you'll find many Greeks tipping back is Mythos. Fun fact: When socializing with a group in Greece, the table will order a number of bottles that are all shared by the group, instead of each person ordering their own beer. Kind of like at our in-law's.   ItalyPeroni This Italian brewery first brewed in Vigevano in 1846. Italians couldn't get enough of the stuff, so to keep up with demand, they opened a second brewing facility in Rome in 1864. Peroni has always branded themselves as the "cool kid on the block." Which is a feat in Italy, where it is our understanding that there are many, many cool people.   Japan Japan is another country earning predictions of a zero percent chance of performing well in the World Cup. It's okay though, the country has made their mark in other ways. As the oldest standing beer brand in Japan, Sapporo, made its mark as the number one imported beer from Asia in the US.   CoronaMexico It goes without saying that Corona is a big staple in Mexico. Have you ever tried Pacifico or Tecate? Give them a shot. And don't forget the limes.   Netherlands You can find Heineken on tap nearly anywhere. Seriously, anywhere. They brewed 2.7 billion liters in 2011 alone and have only continued to increase production since. It basically flows like water in its home city of Amsterdam. We're positive that the team celebrates all wins with a few of these skunky pilsners.   Russia Baltika is a longstanding brewery from St. Petersburg, Russia. Rumor has it that Putin drinks nothing but beer. Sounds like he'll need a few of these after the games are over, especially with Russa's predicted 0.3% chance of winning the World Cup. Ouch.   EstrellaSpain Since production began in 1876, Estrella has seen eleven generations of the original family pass through as the Master Brewers. The original lager holds a 5.2 abv and is enjoyed by many around the world, especially in Spain.   USA According to U.S. soccer coach Jurgen Klinsmann, "Talking about winning a World Cup is just not realistic." Okay, we can accept that. For a recommended U.S. beer, with almost 3000 breweries and growing, we'll let you take your pick. Side note: Budweiser is one of the sponsors for the 2014 World Cup, so at least we're represented there...  

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