We love beer - and cookies. A lot. We paired six of our favorite cookies with a mix of new and classic brews. It may have left us with a case of the cookie sweats, but it was deliciously worth it. Earn the Binny's badge by giving these pairings a taste for yourself.  

Beer and Cookie Pairings Binny's


Chocolate Chip – Kona Koko Brown Ale

For this classic cookie we initially selected a rich chocolaty stout, which worked well with the chips but overpowered the buttery brown sugar notes. Looking for something a bit less conventional we turned to a seasonal favorite, Kona Koko Brown Ale. Brewed with real coconut, this light bodied brown’s malty caramel notes give way to a natural toasted coconut finish that transformed a chocolate chip cookie into an island delight.  

Ayinger Binny's


Oatmeal Raisin – Ayinger Doppelbock

Doppelbocks are built around rich malt complexity, featuring caramel and toffee notes that pair wonderfully with the brown sugar sweetness of an oatmeal cookie. Ayinger Celebrator is a masterfully balanced German Doppelbock brimming with dark fruit notes that accentuate the cookie’s oat and raisin baked goodness.  

Sam Smith Binny's


Peanut Butter – Samuel Smith’s Organic Raspberry Ale

Peanut butter and jelly is a classic combo that transports many of us to simpler, happier times. Relive that tasty treat by combining peanut butter cookies with a nice fruity ale. Samuel Smith’s Organic Raspberry Ale is brewed with real raspberry juice for an incredible berry aroma and fruity finish that’s not overly sweet.  

Innis and Gunn Oak Aged Ale Binny's


Shortbread – Innis and Gunn Oak Aged Ale

Scotland is famous for their rich and buttery shortbread so what better candidate to serve with shortbread than a nice creamy Scottish ale. Innis and Gunn’s Scottish Ale is aged in oak imparting flavors of buttery toffee that melt seamlessly into the richness of the shortbread.  

Founders Imperial Stout Binny's


Chocolate Mint – Founders Imperial Stout

Be it cookies, candies, ice cream or cakes, chocolate and mint is a classic combination that continues to withstand the test of time. When looking to serve with chocolate mint cookies, we turned to a classic craft heavyweight, Founders Imperial Stout. Brewed with ten different malts, this monstrous stout’s warming finish harmonized perfectly with those addictive little minty wafers.  

Ommegang Witte Binny's


Lemon – Ommegang Witte

A refreshing wheat beer is the perfect backdrop for the bright citrusy flavors of a zesty lemon bar or cookie. Ommegang’s award winning Witte is a soft and creamy Belgian-style Wit brewed with orange peel, whose spicy finish complements any scrumptious lemon treat.   Check out the Beer Buzz for updates on new beer, tastings, sales and more!