Sometimes we get to do some fun stuff... Like brew with our favorite breweries. This time around, Downers Grove beer consultant, Vince Bingen spent a day with Only Child Brewing of Northbrook.   Only Child Red Rover   What's the story behind Red Rover? Red Rover is an Imperial Red Ale that was meant to be a homebrew that my friend Joe and I came up with. Joe and I loved this beer a lot but could not brew it, because our homebrew set up requires us to be outside and my little apartment balcony just wasn't working. I told Ben from Only Child about our dilemma and he said COME ON OVER!   More to read after the jump...   That's incredible! How'd you convince them to brew a bunch of it? At first we were just going to do a homebrew size batch, about 10 gallons. Then Ben had a great idea, "Why do 10 gallons when we can do 4 barrels?" Next thing we knew, we were in Northbrook at Only Child Brewing our homebrew as commercial beer!   How would you describe the beer? Red Rover has a very nice sticky mouth feel from all the malted barley. It has a nice deep amber color. We hopped it up with Mosaic, Galaxy, and Falconer's Flight 7C. Red Rover is just exploding with tropical fruit and hints of blueberries. We dry hopped it with a pound per barrel! What is also great is Red Rover does not drink like a 9% abv beer. It's basically a dream come true having a beer I brewed on our shelves!   Look for Only Child's Red Rover the week of May 5th at select Binny's locations.