We first introduced the Craft Your Own Six Pack racks back in November of 2011, and we were blown away by its success. You have spoken, and we're listening! So we're bringing an even bigger selection to these racks. Many Binny's locations offered 80 or 160 craft beers to choose from, but now that number is jumping by at least 80 beers!   Our Craft Your Own Six Pack feature offers a constantly changing selection of craft beer, from local to global, seasonal to everyday craft best buys. And at the low price of $9.99 per 6 pack, it's a great steal. Find out what kind of "Craft Your Own 6 Pack" you are after the jump!  

What kind of Craft Your Own 6 Pack are you?

Craft Your Own 6 Pack


The Channel Surfer

A porter, double IPA and a shandy? You're out of control! You mix things up and live on the edge. With over 240 beers to pick from, you manage to find six of the most random beers around. Someone's gotta drink them.  

The Sweeper

A brand new brewery just hit our shelves, and you're the first in line to grab one bottle of each of their brews. You're always breaking new ground, trying the new thing, and have an encyclopeic knowledge of every beer available. Just make sure you grab enough to share.  

The Classicist

A blonde, a couple wheat beers and a lager. You don't mess around, you keep it simple and enjoy classic brews. We salute you, always teaching others about the science and traditions of beer.  

Da Windy City Loyalist

You use any excuse to tell people you're from Chicago (even though you live in Schaumburg). Revolution, Goose Island, Two Brothers are just some of your favorites. Drinking local isn't a choice, it's a priority. You're as loyal to this city as they come, which makes sense because it's the best city in the world and it has kick ass beer.