We were excited to see two new beers from Port Brewing come through our doors this week. One is another boozy, loaded with hops edition of their annual Anniversary Double IPA (it is similar to last years version). The second beer that arrived in Chicago from the San Marcos, California based brewery is the one that caught our eye. Hot Rocks Lager is a collaboration between Port Brewing Company and Bend Brewing Co.



What interested us about Hot Rocks Lager is the old school technique employed in the brewing of this beer: "Sizzling rocks were heated until they glowed like hot magma and were then dropped into the wort causing it to boil." This method became the feature that results in what Germans refer to as stein beer.


The 6.5% ABV Hot Rocks Lager poured a dark copper color, suggestive of a brown ale. It had a significant smoky aroma and flavor, reminiscent of a German rauchbier. A toasty and nutty flavor was apparent, along with a decent amount of bitterness. It was light bodied and a pretty easy drinker.


Have you ever taken on a beer brewed using this old school technique?