Now available exclusively at Binny's is a series of beers called Barrel Trolley. Priced at $5.99 per six-pack and encompassing five different beer styles, some are hailing the Barrel Trolley line of beers as the most economical craft beers found in our stores. Below are some tasting notes on the new to Binny's brews:


“Pale, crystal, and caramel Malts inspire a sublime flavor profile in this supremely hopped IPA. An ideal mixture of four hops creates a distinguishing spicy aroma and long, hoppy finish.” Brewed with CTZ, Chinook, Willamette, and Golding hops.


Nut Brown Ale
“A hint of hazelnut, caramel and chocolate malt intertwine with the flowery Willamette hops to produce this round-bodied ale.” Brewed with natural hazelnut flavors.


Pale Ale
“Three types of hops combine for a complex citrus hop aroma with deep flavor and a long crisp finish.” Brewed with Cascade, Amarillo, and Columbus hops.


Belgian White
“Bright flavors of orange balanced by subtly spicy coriander make this unfiltered Belgian White Ale a reason to celebrate.” Brewed with coriander, sweet orange, and bitter orange.


“Medium-bodied with a complex malt flavor, this Amber Ale exhibits a subdued malt character elevated by a subtle citrus aroma.” Brewed with honey.