Barrel to Bottle's Picks of 2022

And now for the epic conclusion of Barrel to Bottle’s Picks of the Year 2022.

Part 2 

(check out part 1)

Alicia’s Pick

Chateau Beychevelle Saint Julien 2018 In addition to this wine, Alicia wanted to highlight 2018 in Bordeaux. This vintage really stood out at this year’s UGC tasting.  Alicia has also been impressed with Beychevelle’s wines over the last few years.

Pat’s One and Only Pick

Pinhook Vertical Series Bourbon War 7-Year-Old Bourbon 2022 – Pat has talked about this bottle multiple times on the podcast this year. That’s why it’s his pick of the year!

Jim’s Second Pick

Destihl Wild Sour Series Elima Hua – Jim drank a lot of this beer over the summer, it’s an easy-drinking sour with pineapple, coconut, mango, passionfruit and guava. It’s not the full POG, sadly.

Greg’s Second Pick

Field Recordings Aqua Pazza Organic Pink Sparkling – Two years ago Greg was dragged for picking something too expensive. Last year he was dragged for picking something that was both too expensive and not available. This year, Greg brought pet-nat. Alicia is not happy.

Jenna’s Third Pick

André Cluet Brut Grand Reserve – Andre Cluet is always a favorite among wine buyers and managers at Binny’s. It’s a great value in champagne.

Pat’s One and Only Pick

Bordiga St. Hubertis Amaro Reserva – Unfortunately, this is a pick that you can’t have (at least right now). You might not know this, but Pat went on holiday in Italy this year and he brought back a ton of amaro.

Honorable Mentions

Part 1

It’s time for the Barrel to Bottle's Pick(s) of the Year. For the first time ever, we have seven people on mics, so it should be obvious why we had to split this into two episodes.

Pat’s One and Only Pick

Penrose Fantasy West collaboration with More Brewing – “Thiols” was probably the Barrel to Bottle Word of the Year, it’s all Chris and Roger have talked about this year. This beer used cryo hops heavy in thiols and Sauvignon Blanc must powder that is heavy in thiols.  

Jenna’s First Pick

Michter's US 1 Single Barrel Straight Rye – This is a delicious, affordable, nicely proofed rye. It’s soft and buttery, perfect for someone looking to get into rye.

Jim’s First Pick

Off Color Beer for Lounging – No, this isn’t a Roger pick surprisingly. Jim is a huge Off Color fan also, both of their beer and their merch. Beer For Lounging is their tribute to Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.

Pat’s One and Only Pick

Benromach 9-Year-Old First Fill Sherry Hogshead #719 Binny’s Handpicked/Benromach 11-Year-Old First Fill Bourbon Barrel #595 Binny’s Handpicked – We’ve tasted the 9-Year on the podcast before. First fill sherry is still a buzz word for some Scotch drinkers. There is a lot of sherry here, almost covering up the peat. A fun side-by-side is the 11-Year bourbon barrel handpicked.

Greg’s First Pick

Surly Abrasive – This beer never left, but now it’s $12.99 a four pack. This is a big, bitter beer and it tastes great. This is an old school, resinous beer even though it also has Citra hops.

Chris’ First Pick

Trimbach Riesling Cuvee Frederic Emile 2011 – Why is this 11-year-old wine Chris’ pick for 2022? It’s because it’s a so drinkable and it’s still not even the best example he’s ever had of this wine. Great vineyards and producers turn out great wines all the time, regardless of points, reviews or other hype.

Roger’s First Pick

Boulevard Barrel Aged Wheat Wine collaboration with Firestone Walker – Boulevard and Firestone Walker brewed two different wheat wines and combined them for this collaboration. The Boulevard component was aged in rye barrels, the Firestone component was aged in wheat whiskey barrels with white wine grapes.

Pat’s One and Only Pick

Signatory Glenlivet 15-Year-Old First Fill Sherry Butt #900788 Binny’s Handpicked – You might recall a previous episode where we talked about a Benromach in a Sherry Hogshead. It’s 63.8% abv, which is very high at that age. If you love sherried scotches, this is your dream bottle.

Jenna’s Second Pick

Goose Island Neon Beer Hug – This is a hoppy beer that still goes down easy. Roger is all in favor of fruity, aromatic IPAs that aren’t weighed down by lots of wheat and oat.

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