Barrel to Bottle: What's in the Box(ed Wine)?! or Slappin' the Bag

Boxed Wine…yep, we’re doing it. We have three whites, three reds and then a comparison with the same wine in a box and a bottle. We won’t be wheezing the juice from the box, but we will be playing slap the bag.  Before trying some boxed wine, a brief history of this amazing technology.

Boxed wines have been around for decades, and they’ve always been popular without ever completely taking off. While boxed wines are a single use plastic bag, the boxes are recyclable, and they are easier to ship because they are lighter. Boxed wines have long been associated with cheaper wines, and there are a lot of bargains still be had, but higher end wines are ending up in boxes now.

Taste along at home with the following wines:

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