Barrel to Bottle: Flavor Blasted Spirits

One episode just wasn’t enough to cram in all the flavor-blasted products on Binny’s shelves. So we’re back with part two, focusing on spirits.

Pat brought a vodka, and for that he’s sorry. We rarely try vodka on Barrel to Bottle but this one is interesting. Cathead Distillery in Jackson, Mississippi makes Old Soul which is excellent bourbon sourced from MGP. Honeysuckle is not a typical vodka flavor, so Pat had to bring this one. It smells like a gin, which is why Pat also brought some gin, from France. Yu Gin is made from yuzu, Szechuan peppercorns and juniper.

Apologue is a local company that makes a persimmon liqueur. Luckily, we have the fruit kings here to tell us what a persimmon is. Jokes on everyone else though, Pat managed to sneak an amaro into this episode. They also make saffron and celery root liqueurs, so their line is focused more on high-end mixology.

Pat brought one of the regular “What Does That Taste Like?” products, Tempus Fugit’s Crème de Noyaux. The combination of apricot and cherry pits, bitter almonds and other botanicals give it a marzipan flavor. If you have a need for Crème de Menthe, you can’t go wrong with Tempus Fugit’s high-end products.

Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum is truly a remarkable product and a favorite of everyone on the show. The process to make this is very complex. Their 3 Star Rum is infused with pineapple rind and then distilled in a cognac still in France. Then they take some of their dark rum and infuse it with pineapple fruit. Then they blend the two rums together. This rum is basically a ready to drink cocktail.

Next up, Chinola is a passionfruit liqueur that would go perfect with Stiggins’ Fancy. Those two together is a cocktail, maybe with a little lime. You can also use this in a Hurricane in place of passionfruit syrup.

Pat has six flavor-blasted whiskies left for this episode. The newest is Jameson Orange, which we are selling the HELL out of. It smells like Orange Crush or Fee Brothers Orange bitters. There’s not much whiskey flavor here, people are probably just ripping shots of it.

Leopold Brothers makes a whiskey that gets aged in used oak with a bunch of apples. It’s sweet, and it has some kind of weird cheesy funk like brie. Dead Drop American Pecan Whiskey is a woody bomb. It’s aged in barrels with pecan wood staves, then they infuse that with roasted pecans. It doesn’t have any added sugar, but it also doesn’t have much pecan flavor.

Pat considers Huber’s Starlight Distillery Blackberry Whiskey to be the finest flavored whiskey that Binny’s sells. They grow their own grains and the blackberries for this whiskey. This one also has no added sugar and it’s 84 proof!

Rounding out our flavor blasted spirits are two maple syrup whiskies from Canada; SAP 56 and Sortilege. Sortilege pours very thick, like actual syrup. It’s a sticky whisky. It’s MEGA flavor-blasted. It’s like drinking slightly watered-down maple syrup. And at $20 it’s a steal. These both have a real maple flavor, there’s nothing fake in here.

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