Barley Island Brewing Company is the latest brewery to hit our shelves, making its debut earlier this week. Barley Island Brewing Company hails from Noblesville, Indiana, which is about 10 miles north of Indianapolis. Featuring four tasty brews, the Barley Island beers are sure to be a success. Listed in no particular order are the beers from Barley Island that can now be found at Binnys.  

  Sheet Metal Blonde "Sheet Metal Blonde is a Belgian Wit beer that is light pale in color, cloudy, contains added spices, and best if served with a slice of orange."   Barfly IPA, 5.6% ABV "Our American IPA has an intense hop aroma and flavor. The hop character is citrusy, floral, and fruity (orange/grapefruit) from the use of Summit hops. The complex malt flavor profile supports the strong hop flavor."   Dirty Helen Brown Ale, 4.3% ABV "Sweet tasting malty brew, medium hop bitterness, copper penny in color."   Beastie Barrel Porter "Our Rust Belt Porter aged for 3.5 months in bourbon whiskey barrels from Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky."     A couple of us had a chance to try Sheet Metal Blonde, Barfly IPA, and the Dirty Helen Brown. All three exceeded our expectations. The Sheet Metal Blonde is a very unique blend of spices and is reminiscent of a spiced Christmas beer while the Barfly IPA and Dirty Helen Brown Ale are more true to their respected styles. The Barfly IPA is very hoppy and tastes like it has more than the 60 IBUs (International Bitterness Units) listed on Barley Islands website. Dirty Helen Brown Ale is a fairly light beer despite its dark brown color, and is very sessionable. Although we didnt get a chance to try the Beastie Barrel Porter, a whiskey barrel aged beer always gets us excited. Are you eager to try any of the Barley Island brews?